Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions by our users while enjoying LinkMagic on their site as well as people thinking about signing up.


What happens when a user from a country where I don't have an Amazon affiliate tag visits my site?

We geolocate users and find the closest or most probable Amazon country in which they will probably shop and you have an Amazon affiliate tag enabled. If you are in the US and someone from Mexico comes to your site, we will direct them to the US site.

What about the links I already have?

LinkMagic respects them and will not modify them in any way.

How does LinkMagic differ from other similar services?

Check out these articles to find out how LinkMagic compares to Skimlinks and VigLink.


Where is my password?

There are no passwords in LinkMagic. We enforce a two-factor authentication (web+email) to keep your account extra secure (and avoid you from remembering just another password). Every time you want to login with a new device, enter your email and we will send you a one-time login token that will give access to that device to log into your account.

Can I have more than one Amazon tag identifier per website?

Yes, check the Codes row in our Plans to see how many you can have at once based on your current plan.


What happens when I run out of requests?

LinkMagic will deactivate until the next month. But don't panic, you can upgrade your account and get more requests right now.

What happens when I downgrade? Will I loose everything?

Everything is saved, your extra features will be frozen until you upgrade again.

How do I cancel a paid plan?

Go to your Dashboard Settings and choose the Free plan.

I need more than the Unlimited Plan

Good for you! Please contact us and we will personally create a tailored plan for you.


We generate an invoice with every payment, if you are a business or a professional please fill in the Invoicing details in your Settings page.