LinkMagic has been built by a team of professional bloggers and web developers to help save time and increase Amazon Associates commissions by focusing on writing good content and leaving the rest to us.

Our aim

As professional bloggers we saw that the two good ways of monetizing a blog or website was either to use Google Adsense or to put affiliate links to Amazon. Yes, there are many other alternatives but these two are the best and most profitable ones.

Unfortunately, Google Adsense gets blocked by Adblockers too often and now with the recent introduction of Apple's iOS 9 Adblock feature the whole online advertising market is going to get a big hit. So the other option we got left is to have links in our content that make money, yet putting those links in is a pain in the butt. So after looking out for many options out there we saw they where:

LinkMagic solves all these issues by making it extremely effective at finding linkable products on Amazon while you focus on writing damn good content and then sit back and relax, letting LinkMagic do all the hard work. LinkMagic is free and also has paid plans with premium features, perfect for both the amateur weekend blogger and the multi-network media agency or newspaper.

The Team

Our team is currently based in sunny Barcelona (Spain), if you happen to be around let us know and we'll grab a beer 🍻 together!

We are a passionate team of young entrepreneurs and are currently hiring a Growth Hacker and a Senior PHP/MySQL Developer. We enjoy what we do and like to have fun while we do so. We work in a relaxed Agile manner 4-7 hours a day (flexible) and 4-days a week (you choose the day off). After work we go get some drinks and also organize fun activities every now and then. If you want to hear more about it, please get in touch.